Pre-conference workshops

Afternoon workshop: 13:30-17:00

Multi Criteria Decision Analysis

Rob Baltussen, PhD, Professor Global Health Economics, Department for Health Evidence, Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Praveen Thokala, Research Fellow, ScHARR (School of Health and Related Research), University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Priority setting in health care requires a careful consideration of the trade-offs between multiple, conflicting objectives and there has been interest in the use of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to support these decisions. This course will be organised into three parts: a) Introduction to MCDA: What is it and how is it being used?  b) Implementing MCDA: Methodological options and practical tips, and c) Using MCDA for health technology assessment (HTA): Challenges and possible solutions. These parts are designed to familiarise participants with the steps involved in undertaking MCDA in HTA, alternative ways of implementing these steps, and good practice guidelines.

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