Pre-conference workshops

Afternoon workshop: 13:30-17:00

Shaping the future by rolling the DICE simulation for HTA

J. Jaime Caro MDCM FRCPC FACP, Professor Medicine, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Chief Scientist, Evidera, Boston, USA
Jörgen Möller, MSc, Mech Eng. Vice President of Modeling Technologies, Evidera, Hammersmith, United Kingdom

This workshop introduces DICE simulation and how to design, and build these models to inform HTA. For modelers, this will draw on skills they already have but show them how to adapt them to implementing DICE. For agency reviewers and others who leverage these models for assisting decisions, it will provide the skills required to understand, validate and work with DICE simulation.
Examples will be developed to illustrate each aspect. Participants will be guided in the construction of a basic DICE simulation, so they are expected to bring a laptop that has MS Excel already loaded (no other software required).
This course is designed for those with some familiarity with modeling.

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